Friday, July 22, 2005

FREE "Bobby Schulze"

Minnesota Judges Routinely Let Child Molesters, Rapists And Sexual Deviants Run Free. But Senior Citizens With A Messy Yard Are Going To Do Hard Time!
WW2 Vet. Robert Schulze 88, of South St. Paul has been jailed for having a messy yard.

A major clean up is underway on Warburton Street in South Saint Paul. Neighbors, friends, and Cub Scouts gathered to help clean Robert Schulze's backyard. Schulze, who is 88 and in poor health, has been ordered to remain behind bars for 30 days or until the mess disappears. The situation has shocked Schulze -- and his family. "He just thought he'd pay a fine and that'd be it, but she put him in jail," said one family member. "He's made great strides over the years, it's much better than it used to be." City Officials say the tires, machinery, lumber and tools in the yard violate an ordinance for unsheltered storage. Mary Schulze says her husband is frail and has been slow making progress in the yard. "He's got a defibrillator, and heart problems, very bad heart problems, so he works when he can," she said. Assistant City Attorney Kori Land says Schulze had several opportunities to bring the yard up to code. "whether they are 28 or 88 and if they fail to comply there are only so many options so the court had to impose it's last resort," Land said.