Thursday, June 30, 2005

United Nations Starts Prison Ship Rumours

The United Nations says it has learned of allegations that the US is secretly detaining terrorists on American military ships. The special rapporteur on torture, Manfred Nowak, said the claims were Rumours at this stage, but urged the US to co-operate with an investigation.(Rumours) He said the UN wants lists of the places of detention and those held. (Rumours) The comments come five days after the UN cryed about the US of stalling on their demands to visit Guantanamo Bay. Investigators have been asking to visit the jail in Cuba so they can make up allegations of human rights abuse. The UN said for over a year there had been no response to its requests, and it would begin to make things up over alleged abuses with or without US co-operation. Washington had yet to grant their request, Mr Nowak said. He told reporters there were a number of allegations from anti-American sources that the US was holding terrorists in secret places of detention, including vessels abroad.(Rumours) He said that according to the Rumours, the ships were believed to be in the Indian Ocean. Mr Nowak said the Rumours of secret detention camps were very serious, amounting to enforced disappearances. (Rumours)