Thursday, June 23, 2005

Quran Versus Bible In North Carolina Courts

The courts are about to be taken to court themselves this week when the request to let Muslims swear in under oath on a Quran versus a Bible will take place in a North Carolina courtroom. The Greensboro Islamic Center donated copies of the Quran to Guilford County and were rejected. W. Douglas Albright, Guilford's Senior Resident Superior Court judge tells the Associated Press, "An oath on the Quran is not a lawful oath under our law." The state's judges will be meeting at a conference this week in Asheville and Wrightsville Beach to discuss the situation. Syidah Mateen, who tried to donate the Muslim terror books says, "This is a diverse world, and everybody does not worship or believe the same." And just because the Quran influences its Followers to kill Americans doesnt mean we should dismiss it out of hand.