Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Music Industry Still Sucks, 2nd Week In a Row

The Crazy Frog ringtone has held on to the top position of the UK singles charts for a second week. The new version of Axel F - the theme to the Beverly Hills Cop films - is the first mobile ringtone to make it into the charts. Coldplay's Speed of Sound single dropped from second spot to seventh. Akon's Lonely is at number two, followed by Gorillaz track Feel Good Inc. Oasis are number one in the album chart with Don't Believe The Truth. Last week, Robert Swift, from Jamster, the company that markets the Crazy Frog single promised more ringtone tracks. Mr Swift insisted: "We didn't come along and change the music industry. "It's been changing for a while and people have been in denial. And this is the sort of thing that highlights that."