Friday, June 03, 2005

McCain: I 'Absolutely' Want to Be President

McCain: I 'Absolutely' Want to Be President Sen. John McCain says he "absolutely" wants to be president – but hasn’t yet decided if he’ll run in 2008. In a wide-ranging interview in the June edition of Men's Journal magazine, the Arizona Republican also reveals John Kerry "discussed" the possibility of McCain running as his vice presidential candidate. Asked point-blank if he wants to be president, McCain answered: "Absolutely. I think every member of the Senate wants to be president." McCain said he wants to gain the White House "because I think I’m qualified to help make the world a better place." As president, McCain said, his foreign policy would greatly mirror President Bush’s: "I believe we have a unique opportunity, particularly now, to spread democracy and freedom throughout the world."
McCain told Men’s Journal he’s going to wait a couple of years before making a decision on running for the White House in 2008, in part because he wants to devote his energy to the Senate. Besides he is yet unsure if the D.F.L. will let him run.
Sen. McCain