Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Michigan Nuclear Power Plant Shut Down! "UPDATE"

“They have an unidentified leakage in the dry well,” A spokesman for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, said Monday night. “Basically it is water. Where it came from we don’t know. It may or may not have radioactivity in it.” “We have several indications that it is not radioactive coolant,” A spokesman said several hours after the shutdown, but he was unable to give details about the basis for the initial assessment. “We believe it is a leak from a non-radioactive cooling system.” “We reacted to this event as if it was a Radioactive coolant leak because that is the more serious situation.”
Frenchtown Township fire department was placed on standby because of the alert status. The nuclear power plant, along with other coal-fired power plants owned by Detroit Edison, serves southeastern Michigan.