Monday, October 17, 2011

Nazi Party Endorses Occupy Wall Street

The American Nazi Party has officially backed the Occupiers in a statement on its website. The ANP, which also calls itself a National Socialist party, writes that the Occupy Wall Street movement is “TAYLOR MADE for National Socialists,” and urges its members to join in. “Produce some flyers EXPLAINING the 'JEW BANKER' influence—DON’T wear anything marking you as an ‘evil racist’—and GET OUT THERE and SPREAD the WORD!”The Daily Caller notes that the Communist Party USA also backs the Occupiers, and voiced its support in a conference call last Tuesday. A board member visited Saturday’s Occupy Chicago protest , and told the crowd, “I bring greetings and solidarity from the Communist Party. We are here, marching side-by-side. We’ll sleep here. We’ll be with this movement ’til the very—’til we make all the changes that we know we have to make.” His comments were met with "hoots and applause," reports the Daily Caller.