Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Playboy Publishes Its First 3-D Centerfold

Playboy readers will get an extra eyeful in June when the magazine publishes its first 3-D centerfold. The magazine, which comes out Friday, will come equipped with 3-D glasses to better focus on Playmate of the Year Hope Dworaczyk. "What would people most like to see in 3-D?" asks Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. "Probably a naked lady." The magazine has turned increasingly to gimmicks (such as Marge Simpson on a recent cover) to try to boost circulation, which has tumbled from 3.5 million in 2006 to 1.5 million today."The 3-D centerfold is also part of a tie-in with HBO, which is promoting it's show True Blood. The key question: Do the glasses work? "Well, it does kind of look like Dworaczyk is handing you the wine glass she's holding," "And she says the photograph makes everything a little, well, bigger." "It's kind of like it says on the rear view mirror," Dworaczyk jokes. "Things may appear larger." Alas, the 3-D glasses apparently are of little help in reading the articles.