Sunday, January 03, 2010

Israel Deputy Foreign Minister Ayalon: Iran Regime May Be Replaced This Year

Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon on Saturday said he believes that after the sanctions the international community will impose against Iran over its nuclear program, it could very well lead to a regime change in Tehran. "It is not certain that the regime in power now in Iran will be there in one year," Ayalon said at a question-and-answer session in Tel Aviv. "The world is uniting against Iran's nuclear program and within a month there will be United Nations Security Council sanctions," Ayalon said. "There is agreement in Washington, Moscow and Beijing that a nuclear Iran would destroy the current world order."
Israel Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon.
Iran warned on Saturday that the West has until the end of the month to accept Tehran's counterproposal to a United Nations-drafted plan on a nuclear exchange, or the country will start producing nuclear fuel on its own. Ayalon also addressed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's recent efforts to relaunch peace talks with the Palestinians, saying, "The Palestinians need to understand that time is working against them," Channel 10 news reported. He added that he believes the U.S. administration understands that the essential problem is that the "Palestinians aren't willing to be flexible in their approach."