Saturday, November 07, 2009

Family Mourns St. Paul Soldier Killed At Fort Hood

A young St. Paul man who loved fishing in the St. Croix River with his brother was one of the 13 people shot and killed Thursday in the attacks at Fort Hood. Specialist Kham Xiong, 23, had been at Fort Hood for five months preparing for a New-Year's deployment, according to his family. His relatives said he was in line waiting for a physical. His wife Shoua texted him a message saying, "Come home for lunch and go back later." But he wrote back, "No, I'll stay. It's almost my turn." Moments later he was shot.Xiong's father Chor Xiong is upset none of the soldiers were armed. Only police are allowed to carry weapons on base. Chor Xiong said, "The sad part is he had been taught and trained to protect and fight, yet it's a tragedy he didn't have the chance to protect himself at the base." The Xiongs have a history of serving the U.S. in war. Kham Xiong's 18-year-old brother Nelson is a marine in Afghanistan. Chor Xiong is from Laos and fought the Vietnamese alongside the CIA in 1972. Kham is survived by his wife, three children and ten siblings.