Friday, July 03, 2009

Run Hadji Run Fireworks Found In Wisconsin

You may be used to seeing fireworks with names like 'Seaside Garden,' 'Burst and Bloom,' or 'Red, White, and Boom.' But the product names of fireworks at one Wisconsin fireworks stand are sparking controversy in the Arab and Muslim communities. On one side of the packaging for 'Run Hadji Run' fireworks, men of Middle Eastern decent are riding on camels with a bomber plane flying above them. On the other side is an angry-looking Uncle Same yanking the beard of what looks like a Muslim man. "This is just outrageous," said Kenya McKnight. What comes in my mind, is that people will get idea to pop fireworks at Muslims." The fireworks were being sold for $30. While the owner didn't want to comment on camera, customers had a lot to say."To me it sends a clear message that Muslims are terrorists. ‘Run Hadji Run’—I’m going to throw some fireworks and I want to see you run," McKnight said. The Council of American-Islamic Relations of Minnesota issued issued a statement about the fireworks, explaining Hadji has been often used as a derogatory term by U.S. Soldiers during the Iraq War. After reporters visited the store and brought attention to the fireworks Friday, they were pulled off the shelves. The manufacturer, Missouri-based Red Rhino Fireworks, says they haven’t sold the product in several years.