Monday, May 18, 2009

Egypt Pig Cull Video Shocks Everybody Who Eats Bacon

A video, released by independent Arab newspaper Al-Masri Al-Yom over the weekend, reveals the barbaric way in which the government of Egypt is carrying out the ordered mass pig slaughter in that country because of fears of swine flu. It’s sparked public outcry from people around the world who probably have no idea how their bacon got to their plate, but still. It’s no excuse for the senseless premature & cruel slaughter of these animals.
The video shows pigs being hit with a tire iron, scooped up, still alive, into a bulldozer and buried in quicklime after being sprayed with factory wastes and chemicals while they are still alive. By the way, does this remind anyone else of the old testament Bible story of the Pharaoh ordering every male hebrew baby be thrown into the Nile because he feared them as a fifth column in his midst? That’s how Moses ended up in a basket, floating down the river.