Monday, March 23, 2009

Missing Somali Man Believed To Be Back In U.S.

The FBI's search for missing Minneapolis men, believed to have been recruited for terrorism in Somalia, has taken a new direction. Community leaders told reporters at least one man, possibly four, have returned to Minneapolis from Somalia. Those who know the family said the young man is back because he found himself in something he did not sign up for. "We hope he's fine mentally and he's okay," said Omar Jamal with the Somali Justice Advocacy Center. Jamal said he has learned at least one of 12 young men believed recruited to fight in Somalia's civil war has returned. It's a war many of the young men's parents came to America to escape.A month ago F-B-I Director Robert Mueller confirmed he was aware of these men and that some have started to return to the U.S. He is concerned the men are trained terrorists. "These families are understandably worried about the welfare of their children and we too are concerned not only for these families but for the larger community," said Mueller. "We don't know their intentions. I feel that they've been duped. It's up to the government as to what to do with these kids," said Jamal. For now Jamal is giving the young man who returned the benefit of the doubt. "These are very young kids, vulnerable and confused. They became subject to Imams and sheiks in jihadist Philosophy. A kid 17 could get caught in these issues and that's what happened," said Jamal. It is not known if the young man has been interviewed yet by the FBI.