Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Marine One Blueprints Found In Iran

A file-sharing program in a defense contractor's computer system allowed outside access to data on the U.S. president's helicopter, a monitor says. Bob Boback, the chief executive officer of Tiversa, told reporters in Pittsburgh his company found blueprints and avionics information on Marine One at a computer network in Tehran. Tiversa, based in Cranberry, Pa., traced the information back to a Maryland company where an employee apparently downloaded a file-sharing program."When downloading one of these file-sharing programs, you are effectively allowing others around the world to access your hard drive," Boback said. Boback said his company notified the federal government of the security breach. In addition to Iran, China, Pakistan, Qatar and Yemen appear to be looking for sensitive information made available by file-sharing, Boback said. Marine One is one of several Navy helicopters used to transport the president.