Wednesday, February 18, 2009

GoGirl: For The Girl Who Needs To 'Go' On The Go

There are a lot of Twin Cities businesses, but this one is kind of delicate. Minnetonka's sells a device that lets women to go to the bathroom standing up -- or, as they would say, just "Go Girl." Sarah Dillon draws plenty of attention when she drives around town. It's hard to miss the pink car and its Go Girl logos. "I'll have people yell out to me, 'What's a Go Girl?" she said. "And in a nutshell, it's a product that allows a woman to stand up and go to the bathroom."Still, it usually takes more than just one line to explain how it works. "It's an edgy product," she explained. "There's no question about it. It's one that women are not even used to thinking about doing, but you have to have some fun with it." The device was invented by a doctor to help women who couldn't sit because of hip or knee replacements. Now, they're targeting a larger market, active women. "Women who travel or who go to a lot of concerts where there's a lot of port-a-potties around, or germaphobics," she said. Reporters took a Go Girl to French Park to see how people would react."Like the closest thing it looks to is what you put oil in the car, but I know that's not right," said one woman. "Something for covering your mouth, or plugging something with," guessed another. Finally, somebody had the right answer. "Is it if you have to urinate? Yeah, that's what it is," she said. And would they actually buy one? "Thanks anyway, no way," said one woman. "Depending on the cost, maybe," said another. Go Girls go for $4.99 apiece or $11.99 for three. They are available directly from the website.