Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pilot Arrested At MSP Airport For Being Drunk, Carrying Weapon

A Midwest Airlines pilot was arrested in the Twin Cities just before his flight to Milwaukee was set to leave, after tests proved he was under the influence of alcohol last week. Captain Scott Acree was supposed to fly flight number 005 from the Twin Cities to Milwaukee. According to sources, Acree showed up at a security checkpoint at the Humphrey Terminal smelling of alcohol. The TSA agent who signed Acree in for the flight notified Airport Police. Police arrested Acree in the cockpit and he was escorted off the plane.The 11-year veteran pilot failed two of three field sobriety tests, according to airport documents. A source confirmed tests showed Acree’s alcohol levels as high as 0.16; twice the legal limit to drive. Sources told reporters that Acree was not only drunk, but armed. Acree was found carrying a government-issued .40 caliber handgun. According to records, Acree had been licensed to carry a gun on board since 2005 as a Federal Flight Deck officer. Police reports indicate charges are pending and Acree has not been formally charged. Midwest Airlines declined to comment. Local reporters made contact with an individual at Acree’s home via phone, but the calls were not returned as promised.