Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hudson Wisconsin Man Sentenced After Killing Woman While Driving Drunk

A Wisconsin man’s sentencing on Monday seems too light to the victim's family. Geoffrey Baker, of Hudson, has been convicted of driving drunk three times. The fourth time, Baker took a young woman’s life. A 23-year-old medical student was killed near the Metrodome on Easter Sunday. A Hennepin County judge handed down the maximum sentence under the guidelines: sending Baker to prison for five years and nine months. But the family of the woman he killed, said the sentence falls far short of justice. Melissa Speich was applying to medical school and planning her wedding to future lawyer, Adam Doyle. Speich was driving home, when Baker sped through a red light and hit her car. After twelve days in intensive care, Speich died.
Geoffrey Baker
"Melissa was the most incredible person I’ve ever met. And as I mentioned in court, I am who I am because of her," said Doyle. On Monday, Baker addressed the victim’s family in court and said he felt guilt and remorse. He had been drinking all night before that Sunday and despite trying to sleep it off, his alcohol content was still twice the legal driving limit the next afternoon. Judge Peter Albrecht sentenced Baker to the maximum five years, nine months in prison for criminal vehicular operation. "He killed somebody. And for that, 69 months is ridiculous. Grossly inadequate," said Doyle. Officials handcuffed Baker and took him away immediately after sentencing.