Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dark Days Ahead For Golliwog

A Brisbane hospital pharmacy is still selling golliwog dolls in its gift shop despite outrage from indigenous community leaders. The Atrium Plaza Pharmacy at the Royal Brisbane Hospital had to replenish supplies of the Golly Molly doll on Wednesday morning when only two remained unsold. A pharmacy staff member said the buying frenzy was a "backlash" to criticism levelled at the store and the dolls' manufacturer.The pharmacy manager declined to comment other than to say: "If you read the blog on your (local newspaper) website, you will see the support we have received." Respondents said the dolls were simply toys and not intended to be racist or offensive.However, Aboriginal community elder and spokesman Sam Watson said the buying frenzy was "unbelievable ... It's absolutely appalling and says a great deal about the mentality of those consumers who flocked to pay for the horrible things. "The dolls are really a very negative and very hurtful depiction of people with colour." Mr Watson said he had lodged a complaint about the dolls with the Human Rights Commission. The Indonesian-made dolls are sold for $14.95 and $19.95.