Friday, July 06, 2007

Attacked Woman Says St. Paul Bar Wouldn't Call 911

A woman said she was outside a St. Paul bar when a man attacked her. Margaret Dean said she was at the 'The Trend' on University Ave. when she went outside to have a cigarette. Dean said she a man threw her, and broke her arm in two places. Dean went back into the bar and asked for help. "I said, 'call 911,' and nobody did anything-- they just stood there and looked at me," she said.Local news talked to a 'Trend' employee who said the bar will never call 911 in those type of situations. According to authorities, bars don't want to call police because it can lead to issues with their liquor license. "If you call 911 from a bar in St. Paul too many times, you loose your liquor license and no bars will call 911 for you," Tom Walsh of St. Paul Police said. Police said 'The Trend,' doesn't have a critically high list of calls. Dean said doctors inserted seven screws and gave her 30 stitches for her injuries, but understands why the bar wouldn't call authorities.