Sunday, June 24, 2007

Over 1,500 Militants Killed In Afghanistan In 4 Months

Afghan and international forces killed more than 1,500 Taliban militants over the past four months, Interior Ministry said in a statement. Afghan police and soldiers, together with foreign troops, have carried out 79 operations since March and killed 1,554 rebels, the statement said. During the period, over 500 militants including 34 foreign nationals and 23 would-be suicide bombers were detained, it added.More than 700 rebels were injured and a large number of arms and ammunitions including 1,466 small weapons were recovered from the battlefields, according to the statement. However, it did not give information about casualties of Afghan police and soldiers. About 13,000 coalition and 37,000 NATO troops are operating in this country to hunt down militants and keep security. Their powerful air forces have inflicted heavy casualties on Taliban insurgents.