Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Travel Warning For Germany

Australian travellers are being warned to exercise caution if travelling to Germany, which may be at an increased risk of a terrorist attack. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade tonight reviewed its travel advice for Germany, alerting travellers that the German government had warned terrorist attacks might be possible. "German government public statements continue to note the possibility of terrorist attacks in Germany," DFAT said on its website. "The German Interior Ministry has said the threat has become more serious. "On 20 April 2007, the United States Embassy issued a warden message advising that US diplomatic missions and installations are increasing security in response to the heightened terrorist threat.''Travellers to France also have been advised to be careful following the French presidential election which was won by conservative Nicolas Sarkozy. Sarkozy received 53.1 per cent of the presidential vote against 46.9 for Socialist Segolene Royal, winning a mandate for his vision of a hardworking France despite leftist accusations he would prove a divisive, dangerous and abrasive leader. Sporadic violence flared in a number of French cities after his emphatic victory was flashed on television screens, but a conciliatory Mr Sarkozy immediately reached out to his beaten foes, promising to be president of the entire nation. DFAT urged Australians to avoid protests, demonstrations, political rallies and large public celebrations as they may turn violent.