Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Israeli Military Given Green Light To Target Hamas Leaders

The Israeli military on said it had received orders to target "political and military" leaders of the Islamic Palestinian Resistance Movement (HAMAS). The Israeli radio quoted a senior military officer as saying that the orders came from the Israeli Security Cabinet that had discussed the security situations in Gaza on Monday. He added that the Security Cabinet had given the Israeli army a green light to target Hamas leaders, both from the political and the military wings. According to the senior officer, whom the Radio hasn't named, the assassination policy is likely to curb the missile attacks from Gaza on Israel, but it is not a comprehensive solution.Nine Palestinians were killed on Sunday when the Israeli warplanes bombed a house belonging to Khalil Al-Haya, a Hamas leader and a member in the Palestinian Legislative Council. Meanwhile, the radio quoted Israeli security sources hoping that what they called the Palestinian "inner arena" would manage to stop the launch of missiles on Israel. They also expressed hopes that the Egyptian authorities would conclude a new cease-fire agreement and consequently resumption of the truce with the Palestinians.