Saturday, October 21, 2006

Young Bugler Honors Veterans

When a high school student found out the military song, Taps, was being played on a boom box at veterans' funerals he decided to do something about it. Ryan Boe was a trumpet player for his Boy Scout troop and brought his music ability to the color guard. Now, he's trying to give veterans the proper send off. Every person who serves in the military is suppose to get final honors when they die, but because of a shortage of volunteers, their final song is often played from a compact disc."I think joining the military and serving your country is an honorable thing to do, and so they deserve an honorable funeral," said Boe. As a bugler himself, Ryan knew he could help out. He joins the Anoka County Vietnam Veterans almost every Saturday -- and days he doesn't have school -- to personally play Taps. After more than two dozen funerals, Ryan still admits he gets a little nervous. "I don't want to, ya know, mess up a note ... playing Taps at their funeral," said Boe. The 17-year-old even got his father, a Vietnam veteran, to join the color guard. "When the family members cry, we know that Ryan has definitely done his job," said Peter Boe, Ryan's Father. Taps was first played in 1862 at the burial of a Civil War soldier.