Sunday, July 30, 2006

Illegal Ice Cream Trucks Infest Minneapolis

The hot weather could be putting local children at risk from a source most people wouldn’t think of – the ice cream truck. Inspectors in Minneapolis say there has been a rapid increase in the number of illegal and non-licensed ice cream trucks driving the streets. Rachid Khallaf, an ice cream truck driver with Big Bell, says some other drivers try to sell in Minneapolis with St. Paul licenses. "I know some people who work here – have a license in St. Paul and work in Minneapolis,” he says, “It's not good."Minneapolis mobile license inspector Rich Tuffs is asking police and parents to look for any trucks without the green sticker that allows them to sell in the city. ”There are major safety issues for the community, health issues,” Tuffs says. On Thursday, Minneapolis police stopped an ice cream truck driver with a revoked driver’s license. Additionally, the truck did not have a health or vehicle inspection, no green sticker and a cooler in violation of health codes. "I did tell him that the vehicle is off the street until the inspection's done,” Tuffs says. “If I find it again, I'll impound it."