Sunday, June 18, 2006

Veteran Appreciative For New Flags After Theft

An 81-year-old veteran is overwhelmed by the flag donations he's received after the thefts of his own flags became public. On the day after Flag Day, Duane Booker woke up and noticed his American flag and his Marine Corps flag had been stolen from his front yard. Since the Duluth News Tribune published a story about the thefts, Booker has received dozens of supporting phone calls and plenty of new flags. "I've heard from the state of Virginia, from Wisconsin, from Congressman (Mark) Dayton's office," he said. "I've got more flags coming than you can shake a stick at." So far, his favorite is a Marine Corps flag he received Friday morning from a woman who said she got the flag when her son was discharged from the Marines. "It's too nice to hang outside, so I guess it'll go on my wall," Booker said.Booker served in the Navy during World War II and as a Marine during the Korean War. Booker said he'll keep all the flags he's received, because each lasts only about three years outdoors. He's also thankful for the support. "There are so many good people in this world. It's too bad they can't all be accounted for," he said. "They certainly overwhelm the bad apples."