Thursday, March 30, 2006

Peeps Invade Saint Paul City Hall

Saint Paul's city hall is no place for the Easter bunny according to the City's human rights director. The reason, the Easter d├ęcor may offend may offend non-Christians. Some city hall employees are upset with that decision and they're staging a 'Peep' protest under the gargantuan statue called The Vision of Peace or is that the Vision of Peeps? "Peeps, it's pretty funny cause it's peeps instead of peace," laughed attorney and city hall employee Maureen Dolan. She took part in what's being called the Peep Protest, "I brought them in because when I saw them at the store I went spring!" This colorful and sugary display appeared after the Easter bunny and a Happy Easter sign were removed from city hall last week.
The "Vision of Peace" statue in the St. Paul City Hall building, is ringed with marshmallow birds and Easter decorations.
Mike the Mailman, as he called himself, liked the protest display that was growing my the hour, "I like it, the Easter Bunny I mean, because I go around singing Peter Cottontail all day." The bunny and the greeting were removed last week because it was feared they would offend someone, "I think Easter is one thing but the Easter bunny is something else," said Dolan. But today, the Peeps produced chuckles and a desire by some to lighten up the atmosphere, "It saddens me that someone could find offense in the Easter bunny but I think it should be a little bit more tolerant of people," said employee Dan McKinnon. Dolan agreed, "There is a lot of serious business in this building and sometimes you just need a break from that." The Saint Paul Human Rights Office said the director has no further comment on the Easter bunny controversy. An attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota said that according to case law, the Easter bunny is secular while the greeting Happy Easter is deemed religious. And when it comes to the issue of allowing a bunny at city hall? The ACLU says it is probably not something they would have challenged.