Saturday, December 10, 2005

Ahoy, (One Year Later)

It was 12:03 AM one year ago today. I was on the Northern Alliance web site and stumbled across a link to, It said "start your own blog" I clicked it! I signed up, And "composed" this:

All right here we go. First of all why do I need a blog, Who in the world would want read my crap! I don't need one! And next to no one is ever going to read it. But every once in a while I would like to pretend. Its winter here in Minnesota and I am not going out side too much. So Ill try this for a bit and see what happens. (posted by CRUEL KEV. at Friday, December 10, 2004)

After that I went "BLOG NUTS" I tried to read every blog on the inter-net. That was when it hit me... I did NOT stop to read the personal blogs diaries & journals. But I did read (and returned to) the news & information blogs. But I wanted to take it one step farther. I wanted to post news I wasn't seeing. Being a old sailor I was amazed how many ship collisions and sinking vessels that are never reported on. "This Could Be A Whole New Blog"! And how about a blog for Monsters & Supernatural stuff. OH! And one for Military News. And Hey... How about a Naughty Blog!!! Hey how the hell am I going to keep all these blogs up to date? So I incorporated my web site in with the blogs. But I still spend way to much time on the internet. But since I started this blog stuff a year ago my reading of news and current events has increased emencly. and thats a Good Thing!