Saturday, November 05, 2005

Trash Linked To Vikings Sex Boat Party

One week after several Vikings players held a lewd party on a Lake Minnetonka boat, two players were seen throwing trash in a dumpster at a construction site in Eden Prairie. local reporters obtained exclusive access to the trash - and the information it revealed.
Bryant McKinnie and Mewelde Moore were seen throwing bags of trash in the dumpster. The eight bags contained what appeared to be remnants of a party, including aluminum tins of food, beer and champagne bottles, fireworks, disposable camera boxes, hallowed out cigars, something that looks like a marijuana bud, sexual and feminine hygiene products and Victoria's Secret underwear.
There was also a drink receipt with Bryant McKinnie's credit card number and boarding passes with his name on them, as well as a list of women's names. The list was titled "Incoming Flights (pickups)" and was written on a piece of Minnesota Vikings paper. It contained women's names, airlines and flight times. The names 'Iris and Liris' are at the top, followed by 'Nivie + 5', 'Ayana and Dionne and Aisha', 'Sandra' and 'Tanika plus 3'. The total is 16.
One of those names is familiar to a vice investigator from Atlanta. He says Ayana Angel is well known for operating all over the U.S. On her Web site she describes herself as a courtesan, which the dictionary defines as a prostitute with upper class clientele. The site also directs visitors to her starring roles in several triple x-rated movies.
Ayana Angel
Reporters found her living in a nice suburb of Atlanta. "I really was legitimately going to go," Angel says. "Actually, I didn't go because they had a similar situation here with some other football players. But it's something they do every year." Angel says every year Vikings players bring in girls from Atlanta for a rookie party. "They're mostly strippers that they fly up and - given the situation - if you pay them, they'll do extracurricular activities," Angel says. According to Angel, the price is roughly $1,500. Angel says that the women are often paid in cash. "As the girl, you really don't care who paid you." When reporters asked McKinnie about women being paid for extracurricular activities, he responded "That's a lie. No lady on this list told you that.
No woman would say, 'Yeah, I'm a prostitute.'" McKinnie did admit to dumping the garbage in the construction dumpster, but he says it is from a birthday party he had two weeks prior to the boat party. McKinnie's lawyer denied that there was any evidence of marijuana, and McKinnie says the women on the list were just friends. He describes them as everyday working women. Moore would not talk about the list or the boat cruise. He did admit to dumping garbage with McKinnie, but says it was just his home garbage that wouldn't fit in the barrel. The garbage is now in the custody of the Hennepin County Sheriff's Department, which is investigating the items.