Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Philippines Authorities Warn Of More Terrorist Attacks

A Philippine military report says local guerrillas are now using more sophisticated technology in their attacks and operations.
The report comes amid a warning from security officials of more terrorist attacks in the country, including Manila, in the coming days, as Shirley Escalante reports. Military intelligence officials say they found evidence of training and technology transfer in bomb-making from the Jemaah Islamiyah to local insurgents.Officials say nine explosive designs and eight chemical recipes have been passed on to local militants, who previously relied on simple hand and rocket-propelled grenades to attack civilian targets. National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales has warned that Manila could be the target of a terrorist attack, based on intercepted communication among terrorists and their fund inflow and spending. Gonzales says the Philippines was a prime target of global terrorists because of the country's ties with the United States. He suggests that the Philippines push for an ASEAN-wide response program to contain terrorist threats.