Sunday, August 14, 2005


Lately I've noticed that some links to my blogs identify me as a Conservative. I under stand how that assumption can be made, After all I am a Republican!
How ever... I do lean a little twords Libertarian. Being an Darwinist (Evolutionist) The christian elements of the conservative movement do not mix well with my personal ideology. I DO belive our laws evolved from the ten comments so its okay to place them in public settings. Under God in the Pledge Of Allegiance does not offend me, Nor does in God We Trust on our money. The Majority of the American population belive in God in one form or another and I belive in majority rule. Libertarians are a little to close to being anarchists. I HATE DOPE! And every time I get a ear full of the "it should be your own choice to use harmless marijuana" propaganda, My blood pressure increases to dangerous levels! (I have done drugs) I get it, I understand what drugs and alcohol are all about! There is a reason drugs are illegal. And when Libertarians embrace the absence of any cohesive principles I tend to to back away. How ever if your a man and you like to take it up the ass from another man... Go right ahead. BUT... Dont tell me I have to accept it as normal. And the conflicts between the two ideologies go on and on. So in conclusion I find my self NOT 100% Conservative & NOT 100% Libertarian, But still a Republican. A Independent Republican!