Thursday, July 14, 2005

St. Paul / Minneapolis Airport Terminal Evacuated

The Humphrey Terminal at the St. Paul / Minneapolis Airport has been evacuated. Two bomb-sniffing dogs apparently sat down next to two different vending machines in different parts of the building. One vending machine was on the south end of the building and the other was in the center of the building, said Metropolitan Airports Commission Spokesman Pat Hogan. Sitting down indicates a threat, according to officials. The dogs were on a routines patrol of the airport. Patrons of the terminal were evacuated to a parking lot. Seven airlines operate out of the Humphrey Terminal. Light Rail service continued through the evacuation. Hogan said he believes this is a false positive, however, the Bloomington bomb squad is on the scene working with the airport police K-9 unit. "We are taking this very seriously," Hogan said. "Our first concern is the safety of the public." If you are flying out of the Humphrey terminal tonight, you should call your airline to check on the status of your flight. Traffic is not heavy at the terminal. The Lindbergh terminal is still operating, and the only flight scheduled for the Humphrey Terminal is being routed to the Lindbergh Terminal. A News helicopter was asked to leave the airport's airspace and move to a location six miles south of the airport. The Pilot Ken Melchoir said this hasn't happened since 9/11.