Friday, May 06, 2005

China 'Shocked' By Japan's Comments On Taiwan.

China expressed shock at Japanese Foreign Minister Machimura Nobutaka's recent comments on Taiwan, which Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Kong Quan said interfere in China's internal affairs. In a recent speech delivered in New York, Machimura talked about making Taiwan a common strategic target of Japan and the United States, saying it did not have any disagreement with Japan's Taiwan policy so far. He said this could not be taken as an expansion of Japan's defense line to Taiwan because Taiwan is an original target of the Japan-US security treaty. Kong said "China is shocked" by the comments, which he said "interfere in China's internal affairs." China has "made solemn representations and expressed strong protests" to the Japanese side, he said. "The Taiwan question is China's internal affair that concerns China's core interests, and anything that brings Taiwan directly or indirectly into Japan-US security cooperation and challenges China's core interests is dangerous," he said. "The Chinese government and people stand firmly opposed to and will not accept any such action," added Kong. Kong recalled the recent meeting between Chinese and Japanese leaders in Jakarta, Indonesia, during which both sides reached a series of consensuses on improving Sino-Japanese relations. He said Japan's recent comments deviated seriously not only from Japan's commitments on Taiwan, but also from the spirit of the meeting between leaders of the two countries. Kong said China "strongly urges" the Japanese government to "strictly observe and honor its commitments, and stop any action that interferes in China's internal affairs."