Wednesday, May 25, 2005

al-Qa'eda Leader Zarqawi Wounded

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the al-Qa'eda leader in Iraq, has been wounded, according to a posting on a website linked to the terror group. A statement on the website of the Al-Qa'eda Organistion for Holy War called on followers to pray for Zarqawi's recovery. The statement, posted by the group's media coordinator, Abu Maysarah al-Iraqi, said: "Let the near and far know that the injury of our leader is an honor,(and it was a honor for us to cause that injury) and a cause to close in on the enemies of God, and a reason to increase the attacks against them." It's authenticity could not be verified but there have been rumours in the last few weeks that troops were closing in on Zarqawi. Zarqawi, a Jordanian Islamist, is the most wanted terror suspect in Iraq and leads the group that has claimed responsibility for kidnapping and killing several western hostages. It is thought that Zarqawi himself carried out the beheading of three hostages, including Briton Kenneth Bigley. Last month, American troops came close to capturing him after chasing a truck in which he was travelling. They managed to seize his laptop computer but he escaped. A $25 million (£13.3 million) bounty remains on his head.
The Terrorist Zarqawi